7 quick tips about boat maintenance

If you want your boat that it runs smooth have long useful life and have efficient performance during its life-time then you have to maintain your boat and inspect
it periodically for any damage. So there are some maintenance tips given below to keep your boat in the best condition.

1- Wash regularly:

If you often take your boat in salt water then you need to wash it after every voyage. So that any salt residue sticking to it is removed and
don’t give any harm to the coating. And for cleaning you should use cleaners made solely for this purpose preventing any further harm.

2- Oil change:

It is very important to change engine oil periodically to maximize the engine performance. You should change engine oil at least once in a year to have
a good running engine and it would beneficial in the long run.

3- Check Propeller:

If you are using outboard to run your boat, then you should check its propeller before launching your boat into the water.
You should check if any discarded fishing net has been wrapped around the propeller which reduces the efficiency of the propeller. And
check for any dents on it because the smallest dent can greatly reduce the efficiency.

4- Manage Gel coat:

To keep the body of the boat in the best condition you have to maintain it with right gel coating materials, otherwise, wrong materials do more
harm than good. You should do this from the start otherwise the coating become weak and will flake off while cleaning the surface from

5- Inspect Engine:

To be on the safe side, you must check your out board engine for any damages before any outing. Make sure It don’t have some engine parts like lower unit damaged.  Make a checklist and before going on a journey
run-through it to make sure that engine is safe and ready for a safe journey.

6- Waxing:

Waxing is a pre-season safety measure to make your boat ready for the season. But before you apply a new coat of wax you should remove
the previous coat by using de waxing materials, so that the new coat go on smoothly and cover the full body and extend the life of the body.

7- Battery Protection:

If you have batteries in your boat then you should take care of them in the off-season. During the off-season don’t let them remain there,
take them off from that place, clean them, lubricate their terminals and charge them and store in dry and cool place. So in the season, you find them
in the same condition as you left them, otherwise, they will be damaged remaining attached to the place in the off-season.