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Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor spent months studying the history of judicial selection in Ohio, examining past judicial selection efforts and consulting with key stakeholders. The result, is a set of eight ideas for public consideration. Now, it’s time for you to have your say. Please join the conversation and help develop a final plan that will strengthen judicial elections in Ohio.

If you are an organization interested in submitting a formal assessment of the Ohio Courts 2013 proposal and sharing other ideas, please click here.

To leave a comment on one of the points of the plan, please click on the links below.

  1. Should Ohio Change the Law So Judicial Races Are No Longer Listed at the End of the Ballot?
  2. Should All Judicial Elections be Held in Odd-Numbered Years?
  3. Should Ohio Centralize & Expand Its Civic Education Programming and Institute a Judicial Voter Guide?
  4. Should Ohio Eliminate Party Affiliation on the Ballot in Judicial Primaries?
  5. Should Ohio Join the Other States that Have a Formal, Non-Partisan System for Recommending Nominees to the Governor to Fill Judicial Vacancies?
  6. Should Appointments to the Ohio Supreme Court Require the Advice and Consent of the Ohio Senate?
  7. Should Ohio Increase the Basic Qualifications for Serving as a Judge?
  8. Should Ohio Increase the Length of Judges’ Terms?

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